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When something goes wrong with your heater, you may think you can fix it yourself by watching a few online videos and maybe making a trip to your local hardware store. However, this is not a good strategy. Without the proper training and equipment, you could unknowingly make the problem worse, or even jeopardize your family’s safety. Here are a few reasons professional heating repair service is important.

1. Training

You might assume you could save money by taking on heating system repair as a DIY project. However, the truth is that you may be creating a more expensive problem for yourself in the long run. Our experienced and highly trained professionals can analyze your needs to recommend the best system for your home. Not only do we know exactly what to do, but we can also do it more safely and efficiently than someone who lacks the training in heating system repair.

2. Tools

You probably do not have all the specialized tools and equipment required to fix a faulty heater on your own. When you hire us, we arrive with all the necessary tools to finish the repair quickly and professionally.

3. Understanding

At Maichle’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve been serving customers in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania since 1984. No matter what the nature of your heating repair need is, we’ve seen it before, and we know the best way to handle it and get you back to having a comfortable home.

If your heater breaks down, don’t gamble on doing the repair yourself. Hire our experienced professionals to do the work for you. We back up all our work with a comprehensive guarantee, which you won’t get if you try a DIY approach. Call us today to schedule a repair from one of our outstanding HVAC technicians.


“I have been a customer for over 10 years. Maichle’s is always responsive. Anytime we’ve called for service or a problem they have called us back or come to see us in a timely manner. Only good experiences!”

Charlotte H.

“John had a great attitude from the moment he walked in. He immediately attacked the problem and explained what he needed to do. John made sure my family and I were fully restored with heat before he left!! Thanks!”

“My wife and I love the response we get from Maichle’s Heating and Air. Professional and so easy to work with.”

Dan C.

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